Internationalization Assessment

Your globalization market requirements, technologies and product architecture will shape your software internationalization efforts. Lingoport’s experience, software internationalization tools, technology and approach give you unique planning intelligence you can rely on.

The most important goal of an assessment is to give you the necessary information including technical approach, timing and costs to enable your company to move forward. Depending upon your needs Lingoport provides the following:

  • Architectural Discussions
    • Detailed discussions of market requirements
      • User requirements
      • Optimizing locale support based on programming languages, databases and other technology requirements
  • Line-by-line source code analysis using Globalyzer, a leading software internationalization tool
    • Includes detailed information on embedded strings, locale-limiting methods, functions and classes, specific programming patterns and more
  • Detailed Project Plan
    • Tasks, resources, timing to complete implementation
    • Costs for globalization effort
  • Internationalization Findings Document
    • Brings together documentation of internationalization approach for application and various tiers.
  • Localization quote
    • Translation costs are estimated using Globalyzer’s findings of embedded strings, even before they have been isolated and externalized.

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